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Traffic tickets have become such a common occurrence in modern life, we tend to forget they are actually criminal charges. We also usually fail to recognize that paying a traffic ticket is legally equivalent to pleading guilty to a criminal charge. And while it is normally the quickest and most convenient way to make the problem go away, it often leads to unforeseen consequences. If you have received a traffic ticket, it is usually worth consulting an experienced lawyer who practices in the jurisdiction where you were ticketed. For traffic tickets in Salt Lake City, for example, you should contact the Law Offices of Carl N. Anderson, III, PLLC.

Citations and Traffic Offenses

The most common type of traffic ticket you can receive is called a citation. Citations are handed out by police for minor violations of traffic law. These include parking violations, speeding, running stop signs and so on. Highway patrol troopers, deputy sheriffs and municipal police officers all have the power to hand out traffic citations.

Traffic citations usually fall under the category of infraction or Class C misdemeanor. Other traffic offenses, like drunk driving, are far more serious offenses and may even be categorized as felonies, carrying such penalties as jail time and severe fines.

Traffic offenses that lead to felonious convictions can seriously impact your life. Traffic-related felonies can limit your employment options, especially if you drive for a living. They can also limit your prospects for housing and education.

How To Fight A Traffic Ticket

The first step in defending any traffic ticket is to enter a plea of not guilty in court. Note that you cannot do this if you have already paid the fine, as this equates to a guilty plea.

Once you have entered a not guilty plea, you may begin to negotiate with the prosecuting attorney. If no agreement can be reached, though, your case will go to trial.

Why You Need An Experienced Utah Attorney

Do not attempt this process on your own. You may feel hiring an attorney to fight a traffic ticket is unnecessary, but you probably have no experience negotiating with public prosecutors or litigating a trial. Any money you spend on an experienced traffic ticket lawyer is more than offset by the amount of time and frustration you will save.

A Knowledgeable Salt Lake City Traffic Ticket Lawyer Can Help You Fight Any Traffic Violation

Traffic tickets are criminal offenses and should be treated as such. If you face a traffic offense you wish to fight in the states of Utah, Colorado or Nebraska, Carl N. Anderson, III can help. Contact him online or at (801) 997-9534, to arrange a free consultation about your case today.


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