Reduced Charges For DUI Or DWI

Years of Experience Mitigating the Fallout of Criminal Charges

Having a DUI conviction on your criminal record can impact your life in countless negative ways. The possible penalties in DUI cases are extreme. If you are convicted, you will probably serve at least a few days in jail. In the future, potential employers may shy away from you just for your DUI charge. Even your current employer may legally be able to fire you, especially if driving is part of your regular business duties. A conviction means you may also face exorbitant fines, lose your license for a minimum period of time and pay higher insurance rates. But even if you are guilty of the charges you face, an experienced attorney can negotiate to reduce the charges against you to crimes that carry less stringent penalties. In Utah, Colorado or Nebraska, the Law Offices of Carl N. Anderson, III, PLLC possesses years of experience handling precisely these sorts of issues.

The Impaired Driving Charge

In the absence of a more solid DUI defense, an impaired driving charge is one of the most common charges to which an experienced attorney may try to reduce your case. While it does not technically share Class B misdemeanor status with first-offense DUI charges, it carries far less severe penalties. While DUI charges carry a minimum of 48 hours in jail, impaired driving convictions often lead to no jail time served.

Impaired driving charges also leave your driving privileges intact. In cases handled by the courts, impaired driving charges do not require a loss of license, whereas you face losing your license for at least 120 days following a DUI conviction.

Eliminating Charges Altogether

Another option that an experienced Utah DUI attorney might pursue is the outright dismissal of your DUI or field sobriety tests used against you are unreliable.

Years of experience fighting for reduced DUI charges on behalf of our clients

The fallout of a DUI conviction can ruin your life. Carl N. Anderson, III understands how to fight to have such charges reduced to those with less damaging penalties for conviction. Contact the Law Offices of Carl N. Anderson, III, PLLC online or at (801) 997-9534. He is licensed to practice law in Utah, Colorado and Nebraska and is ready to provide a free consultation regarding your case today.


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