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In recent years Utah has cracked down even harder on DUI drivers and other alcohol-related offenders. Some of the toughest rules surround ignition interlock devices. For conviction of certain offenses, installation of an ignition interlock device is mandatory.

In cases where the court doubts the individual’s ability or intention to not drink, an order may be made to install an ignition interlock system in the offender’s car or truck. Once this system is installed, you may not drive a vehicle without an ignition interlock device installed. If you try to get around the system or drive a vehicle without the installed system, your license will be revoked for a year or more.

The offender is responsible for all the costs and upkeep of the device. If you drive for a living, your employer must pay to have your vehicle or vehicles customized. Many employers consider the cost and hassle and will terminate you instead.

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The ideal, of course, is to prevent the ignition interlock device from being mandated in your case. The Law Offices of Carl N. Anderson, III, PLLC, has successfully represented hundreds of individuals against DUI, and in so doing prevented the imposition of the device.

We have also represented individuals charged with tampering with the system or otherwise violating ignition interlock restrictions.

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