Possible Penalties In DUI Cases

Knowledgeable Salt Lake City Attorney Explains Possible DUI Penalties

Lawmakers, police and prosecutors alike sometimes prosecute and punish certain crimes more harshly than others. This is especially true when they feel a certain amount of political pressure, and it is certainly the case with charges of driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI). Prosecutors and other officials are often obligated to make examples of defendants in such cases, and so the corresponding penalties for these crimes tend to be harsh. If you or a loved one faces charges of DUI or DWI, you must understand the potential penalties you face should you ultimately be convicted.

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DUI And DWI Penalties In Utah

Every state levies its own sets of DUI and DWI penalties, but the penalties in Utah serve as a solid bellwether for other jurisdictions. As with most states, the penalties for DUI and DWI vary based on whether or not you have faced such charges before.

First offense, minimum penalties

  • 48 hours minimum jail time or work service
  • $700 minimum fine
  • 120-day license suspension
  • Confinement to home

Second offense, minimum penalties

  • 240 hours minimum jail time or work service
  • $800 minimum fine
  • Two-year license suspension
  • Three years with an interlock ignition device on your vehicle if within 10 years of your previous conviction
  • Confinement to home

Third offense, minimum penalties

Additional possible penalties in all cases

  • Supervised probation
  • Electronic monitoring
  • Mandatory drug or alcohol abuse treatment and education
  • DNA sample submitted to the state (third offense)

Penalties For Field Sobriety Test Refusal In Utah

Utah maintains implied consent laws, which say you legally consent to a field sobriety test simply by getting behind the wheel of a car. You can still refuse to take a field sobriety test if police stop you on suspicion of DUI, but doing so yields certain additional penalties. Still, refusal to submit such a test may ultimately benefit your DUI defense.

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DUI Penalties Clearly Explained By A Salt Lake City DUI Penalty Lawyer

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