Ten Reasons Why You Need A DUI Defense Attorney

1. To help you meet all the necessary deadlines.

Almost everything that happens in a DUI case has a deadline attached to it. Missing one of these dates can have serious consequences, such as having a bench warrant issued or losing your driver’s license. Having an experienced attorney ensures all these deadlines are met with a well prepared case.

2. To avoid waiving constitutional rights.

Often times DUI cases can infringe on the 4th and 5th Amendments. This is especially true when it comes to DUI checkpoints. Failing to file the proper documents with the courts can waive your right to assert law enforcement violated your rights.

3. To avoid giving up your right to remain silent.

Rarely does anything good come out of talking to law enforcement. Having an experienced criminal defense attorney can help ensure you never saying anything incriminating to law enforcement.

4. To help analyze administration of the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests.

A qualified DUI attorney will be very familiar with the correct standardized administration of the tests. He will be able to analyze the way law enforcement administrated them to you and if not up to par, which is common, ensure that the prosecutor considers that fact.

5. To help determine the credibility and impact of all the evidence in your case.

Seasoned attorneys know what evidence is going to be the most beneficial and in what order it will be most convincing to the judge or jury. Frequently DUI cases will be lost because the attorney did not present the most favorable evidence in the most favorable pattern.

6. To ensure all the important evidence gets in front of the judge or jury and that the most damning evidence stays away from them.

Evidentiary rules governing what juries and judges can and cannot look at is very complicated. A good DUI attorney will know the rules inside and out.

7. To give an expert analysis of the law.

DUI law is very fluid, which means it changes frequently. In addition to continually changing it is also very difficult to understand. Knowing what the laws are and how they are applied can be key in successfully defending against a DUI charge.

8. Experience to analyze your case.

Nothing is worst than having a client pay thousands of dollars to fight a hopeless case. Some attorneys will lead their clients to believe, usually because they do not have the experience to know their case is weak, that they have a good chance at winning. An experienced attorney can evaluate your case and give you honest upfront feedback about whether you should invest money to fight it at trial.

9. An attorney can remain neutral.

As the defendant you have a lot of emotional attachment and investment in your case. This very often can cause you to not look at the totality of all the circumstances. Having a narrow vision can prevent you from seeing vital information that could result in the reduction of charges.

10. Experience and knowledge of the law and court system.

Most importantly a price cannot be put on having someone on your side who knows the law, the court system, and who knows DUI to fight for your cause. Getting charged with DUI and realizing the numerous consequences of a DUI conviction can be emotionally challenging and overwhelming. Knowing you have an experienced attorney to represent you can make a world of difference in this difficult time.


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