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The state of Utah has channeled funds to law enforcement groups to operate DUI checkpoints in high-traffic areas statewide. Checkpoints can be mounted on holiday weekends, or after special events. Much of the funding for these checkpoints comes from DUI fines themselves. There is much argument that “DUI blitzes” like this are illegal, because probable cause does not factor into the stop.

Police checkpoints can get you into deep trouble. We have seen many cases where drivers are arrested for DUI drugs or DUI metabolites, when they were just on legally prescribed medications. If you know where checkpoints are likely to occur, they are a good thing to avoid.

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Limitations of DUI Checkpoints

The U.S. Supreme Court has placed limits on how checkpoints can operate, which include:

  • Whether advance notice was given to the public
  • Whether advance warning is given to approaching motorists
  • How long each motorist may be stopped and detained
  • How long the checkpoint may last
  • How much discretion officers in the field may use
  • Whether the roadblock is set up with an eye to safety

Our firm is regarded by judges and other attorneys as the gold standard for DUI defense in our state. Carl Anderson has put in thousands of hours mastering the intricacies of DUI defense, and saved thousands of clients from bearing the full brunt of an oppressive law.

You Do Not Have To Proceed Through A Checkpoint ∙ You Can Turn Around

It is not illegal for you, approaching a DUI checkpoint, to do a U-turn and thus avoid police. If you are stopped for doing this, the stop was probably illegal and you may have a good case.


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