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Few criminal charges receive as much publicity as drunk driving charges. One reason for this is the very real political pressure on police and prosecutors to reduce the number of drunken or intoxicated motorists on our streets. But another reason is that far too many people drive drunk or intoxicated every day in this country. If you or someone you love faces drunk driving charges, you need an attorney who practices in the jurisdiction where charges are filed and who understands how these cases work. For cases of drunk driving in Salt Lake City, you need the Law Offices of Carl N. Anderson, III, PLLC.

What entails DUI in Salt Lake City?

Unless you are a minor, the mere act of having a drink and getting behind the wheel of a car is not a crime. However, you may well be arrested on DUI charges if you are found operating a motor vehicle with a blood-alcohol content above a certain percentage:

  • Adults found to be operating a motor vehicle with a BAC of 0.08 percent or higher
  • Adults with commercial licenses found to be operating a motor vehicle with a BAC of 0.04 percent or higher
  • Minors under the age of 21 found to be operating a motor vehicle with a BAC greater than 0.00 percent. Underaged DUIcharges can be terrible for your future.

DUI penalties in Utah

The minimum penalties you face for a Utah DUI conviction depend on the severity of your offense and your number of prior convictions.

For a first offense, penalties include:

  • Minimum 48 hours imprisonment or work service
  • Confinement to your home
  • 120-day license suspension
  • Minimum $700 fine
  • Possible additional penalties:
    • Electronic monitoring
    • Mandated alcohol and drug abuse treatment
    • Mandated alcohol and drug screenings, assessments or education

Similar charges apply to second offenses, but with a minimum 10-day jail sentence.

After your third offense, DUI charges cease being misdemeanors and become serious felonies.

Unparalleled experience building DUI and DWI defenses

Carl N. Anderson, III understands DUI defenses as well as any attorney practicing in Utah, Nebraska or Colorado. He can also assist with a wide range of other criminal charges. Contact the Law Offices of Carl N. Anderson, III, PLLC online or at 801-285-0303 today to schedule a free consultation regarding your case.

Driving Without A License

Sometimes people with revoked or suspended Utah licenses decide to drive anyway. When you get caught doing so, you face a legal battle with the courts and the Utah Driver’s License Division. There are protocols and regulations specific to each side of this fight, so if you face such a battle, make sure you go into it with an experienced and knowledgeable Utah DUI attorney like Carl N. Anderson, III at your side.

Years of Experience Helping Clients Fight License Suspension and Revocation

Utah defense attorney Carl N. Anderson, III possesses years of experience battling DUI charges, as well as other criminal allegations that can lead to the loss of your license. He is licensed to practice law in Utah, Colorado and Nebraska and can provide a free consultation about your case today. Contact the Law Offices of Carl N. Anderson, III, PLLC online or at (801) 997-9534.


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