Criminal Mischief Utah

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The word mischief itself sounds juvenile and trivial — so many people wrongly believe charges of criminal mischief are similarly trivial. When it comes to criminal mischief Utah law doesn’t consider it trivial. In truth, the state considers such charges very seriously and may even classify them a felony based on the type of activity or extent of the damage. If you or someone you love faces such charges anywhere in Utah, Colorado or Nebraska, you need experienced legal representation. You need the Law Offices of Carl N. Anderson, III, PLLC.

Types of criminal mischief

Criminal mischief is, admittedly, a very broad categorization of crime. It is so broad that it can, in fact, encompass anything from types of juvenile crimes to very serious types of violent crimes.

Typically, though, criminal mischief involves some sort of vandalism or intentional destruction or damage to the property of another. It can also include interfering with public utilities or communication systems. The letter of the law states that criminal mischief occurs when someone, short of arson:

  • Damages or destroys property to defraud an insurer, or
  • Willfully tampers with property of another in a way that:
    • Recklessly endangers the safety of others
    • Damages the property of someone else
    • Causes a projectile or object to be launched at any motor vehicle
    • Causes or threatens to cause a serious interruption of a critical infrastructure

And depending on the extent of the damage or the type of activity, criminal mischief charges can range from a Class B misdemeanor all the way up to a second-degree felony.

How a criminal defense attorney can help your case

Any American accused of a criminal act remains innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. You should always retain a criminal defense lawyer when you are charged with such crimes, regardless of whether your criminal mischief offense ranks as a misdemeanor or a felony. The sooner you retain legal counsel, the sooner your attorney can begin:

  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Ensuring the evidence in your case is collected and maintained according to proper police protocol
  • Fighting to have your charges reduced or dropped altogether

Knowledgeable help against any criminal charge

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