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Powerboats and sailboats on Great Salt Lake, Pineview, and Jordanelle reservoirs are often stopped by police for suspicion of boating under the influence, usually called DUI boating.

Every year, scores of vacationers are arrested on cabin cruisers, yachts, regular runabouts, and even jet skis. Police know that drinking and boating frequently combine, so they move in to arrest unsuspecting boaters.

If convicted, you are subject to hefty fines, possible jail time and often participation in an alcohol or drug program.

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Setting aside the logistical problems of conducting standard field sobriety tests on water, and getting suspects to the nearest Breathalyzer facility, the process is very similar to the process for land traffic. Police look for:

The offender is responsible for all the costs and upkeep of the device. If you drive for a living, your employer must pay to have your vehicle or vehicles customized. Many employers consider the cost and hassle and will terminate you instead.

  • The way you piloted the boat or watercraft
  • How you look and act (“objective signs and symptoms of intoxication”)
  • Your scores on the standardized field sobriety tests
  • The results of a blood or breath test

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One difference between DUI boating and highway DUI is that probable cause is easier to demonstrate on the highway, where cars may conspicuously weave, lurch or cross centerlines. It is less clear what appears suspicious on the water. Many DUI boating cases have been dismissed on the basis of questions of violations of Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable search and seizure. Was the boat really being piloted recklessly, or were people just having a good time?

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At The Law Offices of Carl N. Anderson, III, PLLC, our advice to arrested boaters is the same we offer to drivers of cars, trucks and motorcycles: Don’t do law enforcement’s work for them by providing them with evidence or testimony that can be used against you.

We suggest carrying the phone number of Utah’s premier DUI attorney on you at all times, in the event you see the blue and red lights behind you.


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